gathers the needs of operators to develop products and make them available on the market.
Non-woven fabric products and surgical accessories

With SURGIDRAPE, Surgika offers a wide range of sterile non-woven fabric products and surgical accessories, designed to protect operators and patients during surgery or medical procedures.
The family of devices includes:

Drapes for specialist surgery

The range offers optimal solutions for patient covers with a draping system having differentiated zones to guarantee high resistance and excellent fluid control.

Surgical sets

These contain single-use devices necessary for carrying out surgical interventions. Together with the standard range, Surgika offers the opportunity to build your own specialist set.

Surgical gowns

Our gowns are classified both as sterile Class I Medical Devices according to Regulation 2017/745 and as Category III PPE according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Surgical drapes
Fixed systems for tubes and cables
Fluid collection bags
Non-surgical drapes
Covers for equipment
Instrument cover sheaths
Instrument carriers
Protections for patients during clinical procedures
Safety systems for the collection of needles and blades
This is complemented by the innovative:
Numerare 123
The new concept behind this patented system is designed to ensure the correct counting and disposal of needles, scalpel blades, swabs and plastic accessories during surgery.
Antiblastic super-absorbent drapes

Our antiblastic super-absorbent drapes are a valid and safe support for operators during the preparation, handling and administration of antiblastic drugs and/or when dealing with hazardous substances.
The absorbent upper layer prevents the risk of accidental spreading, whilst the intermediate layer ensures a high degree of absorption. The polythene lower layer then guarantees the mechanical barrier, minimising the risk of contamination.

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