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A complete line of disposable steel surgical instruments

With SURGICHROME, Surgika offers a complete line of single-use steel surgical instruments intended for use in minimally-invasive surgical procedures and designed for:

• First Aid
• Emergency departments
• Polyclinics
• Operating room
• Emergency services

The instruments are made of AISI 410, AISI 420A and AISI 304 stainless steel with an anti-reflective satin finish, being the perfect instrument for use in the healthcare sector.

Each instrument is individually packaged, clearly recognisable by the presence on the instrument of:
• Colour coding
• Disposable symbol
• Instrument code
Each SURGICHROME instrument is placed in a special cardboard package in order to allow handling in compliance with aseptic techniques, preserve the integrity of the product and guarantee operator safety.

The SURGICHROME family of devices includes:

• Disposable scissors for minimally-invasive surgery
• Disposable forceps for minimally-invasive surgery
• Disposable retractors for minimally-invasive surgery
• Disposable needle holder for minimally-invasive surgery
• Other single-use instruments for minimally-invasive surgery (tubes, curettes and probes)

The instruments of the SURGICHROME line can be inserted into the SURGIPACK line.

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